AMCA Outreach

Nov 15, 2019

AMCA Outreach—Allow us to (re)introduce ourselves

Josh Parent, Associate Director, Business Development

In 2016, AMCA polled engineers and architects to gauge their knowledge of AMCA and its Certified Ratings Program (CRP). The poll showed that what once was a well-known program had been reduced to a mostly unknown acronym in building specifications. Generally, respondents did not know who we are and what we do, how we provide value.

What we concluded from the poll results was that we had foregone any type of outreach effort—assuming that because AMCA certification was entrenched, we could focus our bandwidth elsewhere—for too long and that it was time to re-engage. As a result, education began to take on ever-greater significance for AMCA and is key to the association’s current mission statement: “to advance the knowledge of air systems and uphold industry integrity on behalf of AMCA members worldwide.”

AMCA is driven to educate both internally and externally. In fact, as associate director of business development, I am on the road two to three weeks a month talking AMCA to specifying engineers, construction contractors, and building owners who recognize the value in ensuring specified products not only are installed, but perform as rated. Not only are we meeting with firms face-to-face, we are offering free presentations via webinar, using a multipronged, something-for-everyone approach to cover as much ground as possible. With more than 14,000 engineering firms in North America alone, we are busy, to say the least.

We are excited for the opportunity to get in front of engineers, contractors, and building owners and help them get acquainted—or reacquainted—with AMCA and explain how AMCA’s role in the industry has evolved and continues to evolve. If you would like to host an AMCA educational program online or at your facility or to have a member of AMCA’s staff accompany you on a field visit for a brand-neutral introduction to AMCA, please submit an application at, or contact me directly at

I look forward to hearing from you.

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